The 6 Best Kona Coffee Beans on the Market

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Kona coffee is made from pure beans grown on farms located on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the Kona District of Hawaii. The rich volcanic soil, consistent harvest time, perfect humidity, and ideal elevation make this area ideal for growing healthy coffee plants.

The coffee has a smooth taste compared to other coffees because it is grown at higher elevations and doesn’t contain any Robusta beans. This type of coffee is the most expensive gourmet coffee in the world.

In this article, I will explain to you more about this kind of coffee and show you the 6 best Kona coffee beans on the market.

The 6 best Kona coffee beans

Hawaii Coffee Company – Royal Kona Estate Kona Coffee

royal kona

The Hawaii Coffee Company is a well-known Hawaiian coffee company. It has a long history, with the Royal Kona being formed in 1968 as a forerunner.

Like Koa Coffee, they get their beans from their own estates.

Another high-end alternative is their Royal Kona Estate Kona Coffee. Because it is a lighter roast than typical Kona roasts, it has a clean, sharp flavor profile.

The delicious and clean flavor of the Royal Kona set it apart from the other brands on this list. If you like light roasts, this one might be right up your alley (perfect for pour-over coffee).

This coffee is available whole bean or in an “all-purpose grind” from the Hawaiian Coffee Company.

– Kona coffee beans have a distinct flavor that many people like– Due to its high cost, many people cannot afford it

Imagine Kona Peaberry Rare Coffee Beans

Imagine Kona Coffee is a coffee derived from the Big Island of Hawaii. This company was established in 1996 and is located at 919 Kamehameha Highway in Honolulu, Hawaii. Imagine Kona Coffee produces many beans meant to be used in different ways.

Besides the beans, Imagine Kona Coffee also produces coffeemakers, accessories, and ground coffee blends.

Imagine Kona Coffee has a unique “Drip Grind” that can make fresh coffee in just a few minutes.

The coffee is meant for people who want to brew coffee at home. Imagine Kona Coffee also produces beans that can be used for commercial purposes.

– The company pays the best attention to detail so that all of its products are at their best for use– Not suitable for espresso

Hualalai Estate Whole Bean 100% Peaberry Kona Coffee

Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee is a pure, high-quality coffee grown in Hualalai, Hawaii.

Hualalai Estate Kona Peaberry Coffee is one of the best-known coffees from Hawaii. It has a rich and sweet flavor with a signature chocolate finish and hints of caramel. The beans are handpicked young, just ripe before dried out and processed by grinding them into small particles.

These ground coffee beans are then sorted and preconditioned. The coffee is then placed into a drying oven to reduce the moisture content.

The coffee is then packaged in clear plastic bags that let you know when you can smell the wonderful smell of fresh roasted Kona coffee.

Kona peaberry coffee seeds are an ideal addition to any coffee drinker’s selection of different types of blends with a bold, rich flavor.

– Kona peaberry coffee seeds have a great taste, making them a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.– The seeds cost more than regular coffee beans, which may not be attractive to all buyers.
– The beans can make hot and cold drinks, depending on what you prefer.

Kona Gold Trading Co. Kona Whole Beans

Kona Gold Trading Co. Kona is a 100% pure coffee grown on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The beans of this coffee are harvested at their peak ripeness and then get naturally dried by the winds. The coffee has a wonderful citrus acidity and full body with a smooth taste and finish. This type of coffee is easy to brew, just add hot water and enjoy.

Kona Gold Trading Co. Kona creates a great cup of coffee and is perfect for the beginner who wants to start making the best coffee at home.

– The beans in this coffee are very aromatic, making it a great choice for home brewing.– A bit pricey

Mountain Thunder Kona – French Roast Whole Beans

Mountain Thunder Kona is a coffee grown in the mountains of Hawaii. Mountain Thunder Kona is a medium-dark roast coffee with a unique, fun, and full-bodied flavor. This coffee can be used to make both regular and espresso-style coffee drinks. The Mountain Thunder Kona comes from the 100% pure beans of the coffee plants that are harvested at their natural ripeness levels. They are then roasted to perfection and packed in an aluminum can.

Mountain Thunder Kona is a great coffee for the coffee drinker who likes making different types of drinks to enjoy.

Mountain Thunder Kona is one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

– Mountain Thunder Kona is hand-picked at its peak ripeness and then roasted to perfection.– Expensive

Koa Coffee Kona – Private Reserve

koa coffee

Koa Coffee Kona is 100% pure coffee grown on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Koa Coffee Kona is a medium-light roast coffee with a distinctive flavor, just like its name. The beans of this coffee are harvested at their peak ripeness and then get naturally dried by the winds. The coffee has a wonderful citrus acidity and full body with a smooth taste and finish.

– Great coffee for the coffee drinker who enjoys making various types of drinks.

What is Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee is a specialty-grade coffee, one of many varieties grown on the Hawaiian island of Kona. It’s most famous for its unique taste. It’s a coffee with notes of chocolate and honey, making it one of the most popular coffees in the world. Kona coffee was also one of a series of species described by Carl Linnaeus, who named this unique coffee Arabica.

The coffee beans from Kona are harvested at their ripeness and then ground into small granular pieces. These ground coffee beans are then packaged inside an aluminum can; this keeps the moisture from evaporating as quickly.

The best Kona coffee is hand-picked by growers before it reaches its peak flavor and mellowness. This implies that you will have a great cup of fresh Kona coffee when the weather is right.

What does it taste like?

Kona coffee has a lot of different flavors and aromas. The aroma is typically described as fruity, floral, and sweet. Some people also describe it as “chocolatey” because of the chocolatey taste it usually has. The coffee typically has a very sweet and smooth taste when it comes to flavor. It’s not a coffee with a harsh aftertaste. It’s considered a very good coffee for blending since it has a sweet taste and a strong flavor.

What is Kona coffee used for?

This coffee is most popularly used to make various types of drinks. It can be brewed traditionally using cold brew and drip coffee makers. This type of coffee is also perfect for espresso since it has a very rich flavor when freshly ground. You can also use it to make some delicious hot and cold coffee drinks at home or in your favorite local coffee shop.

Why are Kona coffee beans so expensive?

Kona coffee is said to be one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It’s a specialty-grade coffee, and it’s grown in an isolated area, which makes the supply very limited. Coffee is, of course, also the most lucrative crop on Kona, which makes farmers more wary and protective of their coffee. Making coffee is a time-consuming and laborious process, which adds to the price.

The farmer’s expensiveness for growing and picking the coffee beans also affects the cost of Kona coffee beans. Therefore, you get what you pay for when it comes to price. And that is quality!

Where is Kona sold?

It is sold everywhere globally, but it’s the most expensive in the Asian and European drug markets. It’s also sold in the traditional markets of Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

The only store where you can find Kona coffee beans for sale is the “Iwaikulani Gourmet Store,” located in Hawaii. You can also find Kona Coffee at most specialty coffee stores worldwide.

History of Kona coffee

Hawaii’s history of coffee is a relatively short one. Coffee trees were first introduced to the island in 1828, and by 1900, small plantations began popping up. For some time, the coffee trade flourished, making the region famous for its coffee and roasters.

However, a few large corporations controlled the coffee market in Hawaii, which led to the often low-quality coffee being sent to the mainland. This led to a downturn in Hawaiian Kona coffee. People have moved away from buying Kona coffee or brewing it themselves and instead were beginning to import cheaper foreign-grown coffee.

Kona coffee grades

Kona coffee is graded strictly, from number 4 (worst) to number 1 (best). When grading this type of coffee, there are three different things to consider: bean size, roast level, and density. The specification of these requirements depends on whether you’re buying value-added Kona coffee or simple green beans.

The Kona industry and its scams

The coffee industry in Kona is booming, and the island is extremely dependent on it. To protect their interest, the companies that trade Kona coffee have created a certification program for the coffee. However, the certification process has been criticized for being too long for small farmers and for being unprofessional.

The certification programs are managed by the Kona Coffee Council, which was established by the companies that trade Kona coffee to ensure that only the highest quality coffee is sold as Kona. The Council states that there are advantages for farmers and distributors since consumers will know what they are buying and can therefore be sure of its quality.

The problem with this is that it’s been criticized for being more of a marketing ploy than actually being protective of farmers and distributors in the long run.

Avoid Kona coffee blends

The Kona coffee industry is often criticized for mixing other cheaper coffees with Kona and selling it as pure Kona. This means that buying a blend labeled as Kona coffee can be a gamble.

Avoid Kona beans that are not from the Kona region

If you buy beans from anywhere but the Kona region, you will likely be disappointed. For many years, companies sent green beans from the Big Island of Hawaii to be roasted. This is still a common practice. Suppose you find Kona coffee in a supermarket that was not grown in the Kona region. In that case, it is likely to come from some other part of Hawaii or even another country and will taste nothing like true Kona coffee.

How to find authentic Kona coffee

If you are looking to buy authentic Kona coffee beans, your best bet is to find a company that only sells Kona or has been certified by the Kona Coffee Council.


Which Kona brand is the best?

The best Kona brand is, without a doubt, Kona Peaberry from 100% Kona coffee. That is because the amount of beans per pound is larger, which means you get more flavor-packed beans.

What is so special about Kona coffee?

Kona beans have a special taste and aroma, making them very popular. This coffee is grown in areas with the rich soil of Kona, which makes the coffee beans a pure delight to savor.

Where can I buy Kona coffee?

You can buy Kona from a specialty store or an online retailer. However, you can also ask your local supermarket if they sell Kona beans. Many stores around the world sell it.

How much is Kona coffee, exactly?

The price of this coffee depends on several factors, such as the type of beans, the roaster, and the quantity. Also, instead of buying only a pound or two at once, you should buy a package that includes 10KG.

What are Kona coffee roasters?

The longer you roast your Kona coffee beans, the better they taste. Therefore, the roaster is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of Kona coffee. The roasting process determines how long and hot you should roast your beans. Not all roasters are the same.

How should I brew my Kona coffee?

Kona coffee is best served as a drip coffee to fully savor the aromas and taste of your coffee. The best way to brew Kona coffee is to use a special filter and add the cold water slowly over your coffee grounds before serving.

Do I need a grinder for Kona coffee?

When you roast your Kona beans, you first need to grind them. You should use a grinder for Kona coffee beans with a large hopper to get the best results. You can also use smaller grinders, but these will not allow you to grind the beans very fine. Your grinder should have ceramic burrs since they are perfectly suited for grinding Kona coffee beans.

What are the different characteristics of Kona coffee?

Essentially, there are two kinds of Kona Coffee: green and roasting. While green coffee is sold green, roasting creates the flavors that make Hawaiian coffee taste rich. Depending on the roaster, your Kona coffee can be mild or dark.

What is the best Kona Coffee brand?

The Kona Coffee company only sells pure Kona coffee, and it is a popular brand among many people looking to buy coffee. The company has the best prices and highest quality available, and their customer service is exceptional.

How to buy authentic Kona coffee online?

The best way to buy Kona coffee is to purchase it from an online merchant. Buying Kona beans from an online retailer allows you to get the best price for your money since you will be saving on top of shipping costs. In addition, an online merchant ensures that you are ordering the real deal and not a fake version.

What are the best flavors?

Dark roasts are more flavorful than light roasts, resulting in a more robust taste.

Where did Kona coffee originate from?

It originates from the Big Island of Hawaii, specifically from the region of Kona. The area where the best kinds of coffee are grown has been declared a protected part of the island.

Does Starbucks sell Kona coffee?

No, Starbucks sells Ethiopian coffee. Kona coffee is very different.

Final verdict

Kona coffee has a rich and unique taste. It’s grown in an isolated area, making it an expensive coffee. Kona has been sold on the Big Island of Hawaii for many decades, but most Kona coffee is likely blended with other coffees. Several brands sell pure Kona coffee, but it is important to buy certified beans since fake or inferior Kona can sometimes be found in supermarkets.

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