The 10 Best Drip Coffee Makers Of 2022

best drip coffee makers

There’s nothing better than the moment you decide to buy your own coffee maker – or upgrade your old one. But once you take a look at what’s out there, you can feel confused. How do you know which coffee maker is good? How can you know which is the best coffee maker for you?

Because we’ve been there, we can give some actually good advice and -most importantly- we can give you some good pointers as to what are the good qualities and the not so good qualities of each of the coffee makers in our list.

The best coffee maker, in the end, depends on the individual needs of every one of us.

Here’s our list of the best drip coffee makers that you can find out there.

Top 5 Drip Coffee Makers On Our List

Just in case you’re easily bored, here’s a quick overview of the top 5 coffee makers on this list.

  1. OXO Barista Brain
  2. DeLonghi BCO340
  3. Ninja Hot and Cold
  4. Technivorm Moccamaster
  5. Bonavita BV1900TS

The 10 Best Drip Coffee Makers of 2022

Rating coffee makers is hard – but it’s worth it. Although there’s no real objective way to rate each machine, we’ve taken our time to think about where each machine ranks on a scale-out of 5: 1 being a very standard machine that doesn’t disappoint but doesn’t impress either and five being a near-perfect machine – the best coffee maker of all.

NameOur Rating
Bonavita BV1900TS3 out of 5Under 100$
Cuisinart DCC-32003 ½  out of 5Under 100$
Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew4  ½  out of 5Under 100$
OXO Barista Brain5 out of 5Under 200$
Moccamaster 791144 ½ out of 5Under 400$
Technivorm Moccamaster 596914 ½  out of 5Under 400$
Hamilton Beach3 out of 5Under 100$
Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System3 ½ out of 5Under 300$
Velocity Brew3 out of 5Under 300$
DeLonghi BCO4305 out of 5Under 300$

Bonavita BV1900TS – The best drip + pour over crossover

Drip coffee machine that incorporates a wide showerhead to better distribute water over the coffee grounds, achieving a good tasting coffee every time.

This coffee maker, which can make 8 cups of coffee in just one sitting, has an awesome feature that makes use of its showerhead. To mimic the pour-over brewing method, you can program the BV1900TS to pre-infuse the coffee grounds – which makes for a richer, more aromatic coffee.

What’s so great about this machine is that its showerhead is completely flat: Anybody can clearly see that the water is truly being evenly distributed among the grounds. There’s hardly a more desirable function in a drip machine like this one.

It has a powerful 1500-watt heater that can heat up water very fast: For a full water tank -and the BV’s water tank holds up to 1.3 liters- you’d only need to wait 6 minutes for the water to reach optimal brewing temperature.

Ergonomic design which fits easily in your kitchenCoffee doesn’t really stay hot after about ten minutes of having been brewed – which can be bothersome if you brew a lot of coffee
Flat showerhead= better coffeeThe design is a little confusing and it can be tricky to use fluidly at first
Has a pre-infusion function 
The thermal carafe is double-walled for better heat retention 


Honestly, this is a very good machine for all those who love black coffee. While it could use some more functions, it’s hard to find a machine that makes coffee this good for this price.

We recommend this machine mostly to people who like their coffee to be extra strong: the pre-infusion feature combined with the flat showerhead results in a very strong coffee without tasting burnt or overly bitter.

Cuisinart DCC-3200 – The one with the perfect temperature system

Though small, the Cuisinart has a lot of power and can make a lot of coffee in one sitting- the best kind of coffee maker for big homes… Or for people who can never drink too much coffee.

As we all know, coffee is very sensitive to temperature. Cuisinart here introduces a system of “temperature perfection” (patented as PerfecTemp) which aims to give you a more flavorful coffee not by adding extra steps, but by perfecting one of the most important ones: brewing water temperature.

Beyond that, this coffee maker comes with many customizable options: You can program your next brew up to 24 hours before, and you can even adjust the temperature on the warming plate to keep your coffee at the exact temperature that you want it to be.

One of the things we liked the most about this model is the wide range of different colors you can choose from. While the classic silver finish is definitely stylish, you can choose from over 10 other styles, including a white/gold finish that’ll make you feel like you’re having coffee among royalty or a black stainless steel finish that looks cool no matter what your favorite color is. Black is in with Cuisinart.

Two different flavor profiles to choose from: Regular or BoldThe digital display is a little too small and, sometimes, unnecessary
A glass carafe can hold up to 14 cups of coffee at a time.Doesn’t have a bloom or pre-infusion feature
Has a self-cleaning function and an alarm which lets you know when the machine needs to be descaled 
Gold-tone reusable filter comes with the machine 
Design is ideal for cramped or small spaces – fits anywhere 


The strength of this machine is, above all, its simplicity. It’s not designed to give you a lot of maneuverability when it comes to how you make your coffee but focuses more on convenience. It can be programmed, which reduces hassle quite a lot, particularly if you have a very rigid schedule, and doesn’t go overboard with the controls: It’s rather simple to use and there’s virtually no learning curve.

A great choice for busy people.

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew – Best water filtration system

Mr. Coffee turns up the competition by introducing this inexpensive coffee maker with built-in water filtration and other amazing features.

This good-looking coffee maker -comes in stainless steel finish and in black, too- is dense-packed with a lot of features which can come as a surprise to some because of how inexpensive it is.

Despite this, the Optimal Brew delivers a very good coffee. This is because it comes with a patented Mr. Coffee filtration system: Unlike third-party water filtration systems, this one has been engineered exclusively for coffee – and there is a difference. It is designed to trap almost 100% of the chlorine in the water, thus preserving and enhancing the taste of your coffee

Another thing we like about this coffee maker is its double-walled stainless steel carafe. Warming plates, although practical, can burn coffee if one isn’t careful enough. This carafe (which holds up to 10 cups of coffee) does an outstanding job at keeping coffee hot without the need of anything else.

Comes with a reusable gold-tone permanent filterIt’s a little chunky; requires some space
The exclusive water filtration systemThe removable water filter can be difficult to refill
The freshness Timer function lets you know when exactly was the last time you brewed – and just how long has your coffee been sitting there. 
Sleek digital display 


Out of all inexpensive drip coffee makers, this might just be the best one. It has a lot of features, an intuitive display, and a top-quality carafe. Cannot go wrong with this one.

OXO Barista Brain – The most stylish yet the most professional

With a stylish design paired up with some of the best engineerings in the coffee maker business, the Barista Brain is one of the most exciting machines on our list.

OXO’s one of the most serious players in the coffee game and they’ve made a lot of contributions to coffee-making technology – some examples of this can be found in this machine, like the RainMaker shower head which, much like Bonavita’s flat shower head, is designed to evenly spread water over the grounds. RainMaker takes that idea to the next level.

Then there’s BetterBrew which is based on one simple maxim of coffee making: Temperature must be consistent during the brewing process. While it sounds simple, it is quite difficult to achieve. Water loses temperature by coming in contact with other materials, so it’s hard to make it stay at a certain temperature. BetterBrew technology ensures that your water stays at the optimum brewing temperature, delivering the best quality that your coffee grounds can offer.

Although all of that sounds good, we’re actually more in love with the visual part of this coffee maker; not only is the design beautiful, but the digital display is super neat and very easy to use thanks to the dial. Customizing your coffee is easy and fun thanks to this powerful LED display.

Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association for gold-standard home brewingCan seem a little too expensive
Exclusive technology that you couldn’t find in other coffee makers. 
Fully programmable – all done via the stunning LED display 
Double-walled, stainless steel carafe 


There’s hardly another machine that could compete in this price range. The OXO is a very powerful machine that will never disappoint in terms of coffee quality and that has all the characteristics of a premium coffee maker while still being relatively cheap.

Technivorm Moccamaster 79114 – Power and retro style

A machine built to last, the Moccamaster is a clever combination of old coffee-making standards with a more modern style, turning it into a unique machine.

Not your traditional coffee maker. This machine makes use of a copper element (and, just so you know, the advantage of using copper is that it heats up water much faster than other methods) to heat up its water, which appeals to the more traditional baristas out there. It’s also got no digital display on sight and an on/off button that looks almost ancient – but in a really cool way.

To really get the best out of this machine, you don’t need to read up a lot, that’s the best thing about it: There aren’t any complicated dials or programmable controls – making your coffee is as simple as it gets with this coffee maker.

It’s important to note that this machine is made with durable materials; it can withstand cold, and hot temperatures with ease. Although it might go without saying because of how sturdy it looks, this machine is quite resistant.

Have certifications issued by the European Coffee Brewing Centre, the Specialty Coffee Association, and more!Pricey
A unique use of copper element for water heating.Has a boxy design that could have trouble fitting in a more modern environment
Professional grade materials; particularly the carafe – which holds up to 10 cups 


The Moccamaster 79114 is, without a doubt, a very powerful coffee maker. It’s been certified by some of the most credible coffee-related organizations and institutions out there, and it seems to be a very popular choice among coffee shops.

Although it may not seem attractive to the casual coffee drinker, this machine is extremely reliable and will prove to be a good companion that’ll last many, many years.

Technivorm Moccamaster 59691 – Power and retro style – but cheaper

A close relative of the one we just reviewed, this one is just as reliable and shares all of its good qualities.

First things first: How’s this one any different from the one we just saw? Well, there aren’t a lot of differences, but there are some important ones.

The 9-hole spray head gives you some of the best quality home coffee that you could ever find out there (technivorm’s coffee makers aren’t showered in certifications for no reason).

The hot plate feature is also quite easy to use; it’s got two different temperature settings which are alternated via a switch next to the on/off switch. It’s the most distinguishing feature that sets this one apart from the 79114.

Have certifications issued by the European Coffee Brewing Centre, the Specialty Coffee Association, and more!Boxy design that isn’t as modern as most present-day coffee makers
The unique use of copper element for water heating. 
A little cheaper than the 79114 


If you like Technivorm’s machines -and there are plenty of good reasons to then it’s a really tough choice, deciding between the 79114 and this 59691. While this one is more affordable and that in itself can be the thing that settles it, both machines are very similar and both extraordinary machines. It wouldn’t hurt to look closely at each of them, compare specs, and then make a decision.

Either way, you’re gonna be buying a top-notch coffee maker which anyone would be thrilled to have.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker 48464 – “Carafe? What’s that?”

An elegant machine with a most amazing internal tank feature that makes carafes obsolete.

Hamilton Beach- Of course we know HB. They’re everywhere when it comes to kitchen and home appliances. There’s a general consensus that their machines are trustworthy – and this extends to their coffee makers.

This coffee maker is not just a standard coffee maker for Hamilton Beach to get into the game – The internal tank feature is one of the most creative things we’ve seen in some time. Coffee is brewed directly into this tank – which does a fantastic job at conserving heat – and from there you can just pour cup by cup. It’s better than having yet another part like the carafe which, in the end, is just a middleman.

The digital display lets you navigate the different options for coffee customization that the coffee maker has, such as Brew Strenght, Keep Warm, and others. It is small and easy to use.

Sophisticated, subtle design.Can only dispense one cup at a time
Easy to use digital display 
Can use paper coffee filters as well as gold-tone filters 
The internal tank holds coffee fresh longer than a carafe would 


While the Hamilton Beach coffee maker is not a revolutionary or exciting machine, it is perfect for people who are neither too enthusiastic about having an expensive machine but won’t settle for a regular machine either. The Hamilton Beach gives you good coffee – and that’s that. No need for anything else.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System – All-in-one coffee maker

With a coffee maker that’s incredibly versatile, Ninja aims to give you not just a great coffee experience, but also great tea and cold coffee experience that other coffee makers wouldn’t ever be able to.

This machine is quite crazy. Its cold coffee function is one of the best ones you could ever find in a drip coffee maker: Cold coffee requires you to brew it over ice – which usually results in watery, bland coffee. But Ninja figured out a way to brew coffee at double strength whenever you want iced coffee – this makes for a rich and flavorful coffee.

The increased wide range of drinks you can make with this machine is also reflected in its combination of digital display and LED menu which you operate with a combination of a dial and buttons. It’s pretty, and fun to use. There are a lot of options for you to play with.

Awesome all-black designCan seem a little excessive for people who just want a coffee maker
You can make many types of different drinks – you’ll never get bored of playing around with this coffee maker!Too many options are not always a good thing
The thermal Carafe holds up to 10 cups 
Exclusive cold brew technology 


No matter what type of coffee drinker you are, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is a coffee maker that you could never get tired of. It has a lot of different options to play around with – and not just with coffee. You can make other types of drinks like iced tea, and herbal infusions– the cup is the limit.

A great choice for people who enjoy trying new things and experimenting.

Bunn BT Velocity Brew – Faster coffee for those who can’t wait

With a very impressive design and dazzling stainless steel finish, the Velocity Brew is an impressive contended to other well-known coffee makers.

Why is it called Velocity Brew? Oh, no big deal… It’s just that while other coffee makers can take 6+ minutes to brew 4 to 10 cups of coffee, the Bunn BT Velocity Brew brews the same amount of coffee in half the time.

And its thermal carafe, which is double-walled and vacuum-sealed is so far the most well-equipped one to keep your coffee hot for long periods of time. Don’t worry – even if your coffee is ready sooner and you forget, it will still be as hot as freshly brewed when you get there.

The water heating system not only heats water rapidly, too but makes sure it stays at optimal brewing temperature, which is around 200 degrees f.

Unique designNot many other functions – a simple machine.
The top-notch carafe that you’d usually pay a lot for if bought separately 
Brews coffee so fast you won’t believe it 


To be fair, there are many other drip coffee makers that can do the same for maybe half of the price. But the point of the Velocity Brew is not just speed – the speed is just to call for your attention. Once you try coffee made in this machine, you’ll realize that it’s a level above other inexpensive coffee makers. To make good coffee that fast is no easy feat; this machine is powerful and efficient.

Best choice for people who either have very busy schedules or live in big homes where a regular coffee maker can’t keep up with the demand.

DeLonghi BCO430 – Drip Coffee, Espresso, and Milk Frother

An incredible machine that will make you not just a great black coffee but will also give you authentic Italian espresso and comes with a steam wand for you to make your own latte.

Everyone’s crazy about espresso and lattes – but drip coffee drinkers are not about to give up their machine just to get an espresso machine. And DeLonghi knows that; thus this wonderful coffee maker was born.

It looks like what it is: A cross between an espresso machine and a regular coffee maker. And it works wonders, too. The best thing? You can easily switch from drinking black coffee to drinking a latte or a cappuccino- something that would usually require a lot of hassle and going back and forth between different machines. Not to mention the mess.

It has a small display and a set of buttons that are quite intuitive and will take you no time to figure out. The “espresso” part of the machine is on the left; made up of the milk frother and one group head, while the drip coffee part is right next to it – made up of a beautiful glass carafe.

Drip coffee, espresso maker, and milk frother? Yes, please!None that we can see!
Easy to use 
Removable 40 oz. water filter 
15 bars of pressure for a professional-grade espresso 


This might just be the best coffee maker we’ve ever seen that can combine so many features in just one machine. Come on, a drip coffee maker that also makes espresso? And not just any espresso, either. It’s got 15 bars of pressure, which is the professional standard for any espresso machine.

All in all, we’ve fallen in love with this one. It’s just too good, and it does the one thing that no one really knows how to do- it brings together drip coffee lovers and espresso lovers.

drip coffee makers

Buyer’s guide: How to know which drip coffee maker you actually want

Because the price isn’t everything, there are specific factors that will determine why a certain machine is the best one for you. Let’s start by looking at a machine’s features:

  1. Does it have enough features for you? Think about whether you want just black coffee or maybe something else, like iced coffee.
  2. As opposed to that, does it have too many features?

Then, you have to look at the machine’s capacity:

  1. How much coffee can this coffee maker make in one sitting? Is it enough for you?
  2. Think whether you’re gonna be using it several times a day – or just once. A coffee maker with a large water reservoir will inevitably be more expensive and that can be unnecessary if you’re just making a few cups in the morning.

It’s very helpful to look at the machine’s warranty; some brands offer 3, even 5 years of extended warranty plans, while others offer a measly single year – sometimes even less than a year. 

Since coffee machines are complex things that are, unfortunately, known to malfunction quite often, no matter the high quality of the product (accidents happen), it is very important that you make sure your product has a warranty of at least two years. Most machines don’t start to show any problems during their first year of use, but after that, it’s another story. A warranty can save you a huge amount of trouble.

Lastly, you’ll want to know what you’re going to use the machine for. This is salesman 101. Whenever you go into an electronics store and ask for a certain type of machine – but aren’t too sure what to get, the first thing they’ll say is “well, what are you gonna use it for?” – and it does make a big difference. If you’re gonna drink one cup of coffee a day, there’s no need to get a machine that focuses on handling a big workload – there are a lot of powerful machines that focus on light use. 


Hopefully, by now you’ll be feeling just a little less confused. Let’s go over the important points once again, just to really make sure you’ve got it down:

Features – which means pay close attention to whether or not you really need a lot of features.

Capacity – The machine’s capacity, or just how big is it to put it simply, is to be considered mostly because it’s important for you to evaluate whether you really need a big coffee maker or not. See just how much space you have available in your workspace or kitchen – and then see if you can afford the amount of space that the coffee maker takes up.

Warranty – Coffee makers are fragile things. Watch your own back, and get yourself a good warranty.

Use – This is also important. If you’re gonna use it once a day for a couple of cups of coffee, a huge machine would be a bad choice – similarly, you can’t buy a small machine and use it at a coffee shop because the poor little thing will give up in no time. If you like to drink espresso, you might want to take a look at our list of the best espresso machines.

There you go. Another thing we usually find is that he who buys in a rush ends up regretting his purchase. It is vital that you take your time researching (reading articles like these is, indeed, part of the research) the machines thoroughly.

Start by making a list of the machines that catch your attention and then start pitching them against each other – a coffee maker tournament. Once you get to the semi-finals, you’ll see that there is no one ultimate choice. There are always at least three or four coffee makers that you’re gonna really want, and no matter how much you research, all of them are gonna appear equally desirable for you. Life’s full of tough choices.

But we assure you, the payoff of thinking thoroughly about what coffee maker to purchase is amazing. There’s nothing like getting your machine and it living up to every one of your expectations and fitting your needs like a custom-made suit. Coffee machines are extremely personal things – that’s why there are so many of them. All of us -even among the most carefree- are very particular about our coffee.


Marcelo is a filmmaker and passionate barista on the side. He spends his free time cooking up new and exciting recipes – and drinking too much coffee in the process.