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My name is Giacomo and I an Italian coffee lover living in Shanghai. My aim is simple. I want to help other coffee lovers to find the best coffee beans and gears to prepare and enjoy the best coffee every day.

For this, I carefully analyzed and created articles that will help you to make the correct choice when choosing the next coffee to drink.

A Complete Guide to the Types of Coffee

The world of coffee can be overwhelming for many people. It may seem like all these drinks are the same thing. Before hitting up your local coffee shop, read about the unique flavors of the different types of coffee drinks, the brewing method, and how to make them at home for cheap!

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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home in an Easy Way

The mysterious cold brew. The first time you tried it, you knew this was going to be a long relationship: it is extremely delicious and arguably the most refreshing of all coffees. Can you make it at home? Yes, of course! In this article, we’ll explain how you, too, can make cold brew at home using only a mason jar.

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A Step by Step Guide to Make Coffee with a French Press

How to make coffee in a French press? A fair question in an age where more analog ways of brewing coffee are increasingly falling out of favor. While this simple and traditional method for brewing coffee has been around for more than a century, French press isn’t as popular as a home brewing method as it once was.

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