The 11 Best Gooseneck Kettles in 2022

best gooseneck kettles

Some people think it’s a waste of time and energy to use a pour-over coffee kettle. Instead of giving results, it’s a gimmick that makes you look like a coffee hipster. They are completely incorrect.

You, on the other hand, are interested in drinking the best coffee every day and that’s why you’re here.

A gooseneck kettle is an indispensable accessory if you want to make a great pour-over coffee.

In this article, I will show you the 11 best gooseneck kettles in 2022.

Top choices for best gooseneck kettle

Best overall

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Best for simplicity of use

Hario V60 “Buono” Drip Kettle Electric Gooseneck

Best flow control

Bodum 11883-57US Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

Best budget

Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle

The 11 best gooseneck kettles

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

The COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle is a countertop gadget that has one main purpose and it does it extremely well: it boils water for coffee to one of five preset temperatures in just three minutes. The kettle is matte black stainless steel (also available in a gleaming silver finish), and it matches the base that comes with it.

When pressed, the base’s seven touchscreen buttons light up and quietly beep. It contains a separate on/off button, as well as temperature presets for coffee (and tea if you are a tea lover too). 

The precision pour spout on the COSORI is intended for the best pour-over flow rate. The counterbalanced handle keeps your pour steady by moving the center of mass back towards your hand, allowing you to pour more comfortably and slowly.

It also has a safety measure that shuts down the kettle when the desired temperature is reached. It has a boil-dry safety feature that turns it off if it detects no water inside.

This is a great option for your pour over coffee and also an affordable option if compared to others.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Everything about the Stagg EKG was built for the ideal pour-over flow rate with to-the-drop precision, from the spout to the handle to the ergonomic grip.

This also explains the higher price compared to other options on the market.

The Fellow Stagg EKG is a one-of-a-kind product that combines technology with style. This kettle has unique features like the ability to keep water at a specific temperature for up to an hour and a built-in chronograph for timing pour-over coffee.

A 1200 watt heating element ensures a lightning-fast heat time, allowing you to spend less time waiting for the perfect cup.

The item’s contemporary design also sets it different from the competition. Although most gooseneck kettles have swooping spouts and stainless steel exteriors, the Stagg kettle comes in a variety of matte colors and has an elegant design.

One disadvantage could be the capacity of the kettle. It has a maximum capacity of 0.9 liters. From one side, it makes it light and easy to handle, but if you have a big family or you have to prepare coffee for more than 2 people, this capacity might not be enough.

OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour

If having too many buttons on a gooseneck kettle makes you nervous (which I understand), the OXO includes a basic yet elegant real-time temperature display that is straightforward to understand. It also features a built-in timer so you can keep track of how long your coffee takes to extract, making it the ultimate pour-over kettle.

The ergonomics and temperature gauge, as indicated above, are the key differentiators of the OXO. With an elongated and curved spout optimized for a slow pour rate, the kettle is counterbalanced. It’s also compact, making it easier to use for a consistent pour.

One disadvantage of this kettle is that it doesn’t show water temperature on a continuous basis after it reaches the desired temperature.

Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

For generating hot water, the Bonavita gives you the option of entering your desired heat level (in one-degree increments from 140 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit) or using preset levels. It can even hold the temperature of your water at that precise level for up to an hour.

Its real-time display shows you how hot your water is right now, which is ideal for making pour-over coffee. It contains a count-up timer, which allows you to keep track of how long you’ve been extracting your pour-over coffee and any blooming time in between.

It’ll look great on any kitchen table, thanks to its food-grade stainless steel exterior, and it’ll be ready for pour-over coffee brewing in no time!

BPA-free plastic is used on the base, handle, and lid knob of this 1-liter kettle, which is composed of brushed stainless steel. While the ergonomically designed handle is really comfortable to grasp, I believe the black plastic detracts from the brushed metal finish’s stylishness and makes the kettle appear cheaper than it is.

Bodum 11883-57US Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

The Bodum Melior pour-over coffee kettle lacks the variable temperature control seen in many of the other gooseneck kettles on our list. Regardless, it’s one of the most dependable solutions available.

Its cork handle and knob are eye-catching, and it provides excellent insulation and heat protection. The curved spout and non-slip counterbalanced grip enable ideal flow velocity and a steady, consistent pour.

All of these factors, as well as the stainless steel interior of the kettle, help you get the greatest flavor out of your coffee.

The lack of temperature control functionalities makes this kettle cheaper than other kettles on the list and a good option if you want to save some money.

Willow & Everett Gooseneck Electric Kettle

This mid-tier gooseneck kettle with changeable temperature allows you to semi-customize your preset temps.

As you gain a better understanding of how temperature influences the taste of your coffee, you can make adjustments.

The kettle also has a keep-warm feature that allows you to set the temperature where you want it. 

Food-grade stainless steel with no chemical linings maintains flavor purity. The ergonomically designed BPA-free plastic handle is large enough to comfortably suit an adult’s hand.

On the cons side, you cannot entirely customize your temperature but only choose the presets, and you don’t have a built-in timer.

Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle

With a built-in temperature sensor and a precision-flow spout, the Coffee Gator Coffee Brewing Kettle covers both water temperature and evenness of the pour, allowing you to brew the perfect coffee each time.

The thermometer is attached to the lid and features a darkened area above the ideal brewing temperature of 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The spout has a regular flow rate and is easy to maneuver, according to customers. The handle, which is strong, ergonomic, and always stays cool to the touch, has also received praise from customers.

The reasonable price makes it a good choice if you are into pour-over coffee, even if it is lacking some functionalities like a built-in timer or presets to choose the temperature.

Hario V60 “Buono” Drip Kettle Electric Gooseneck

The Hario lacks some of the finer details seen on the Fellow Stag gooseneck kettle. It’s a standard kettle with a gooseneck spout that plugs into the wall and operates with the flip of a switch.

It is lightweight, easy to use, and lasts a lifetime, in addition to having a slim gooseneck spout and counterbalanced handle. Various baristas use this kettle to make pour-over coffee in many coffee shops.

Some individuals may consider an electric kettle to be “too difficult” if it has too many settings. Many baristas (both amateur and professional) would select Hario to pour over their coffee since it is a simple, reliable, and fairly priced pour-over coffee kettle that works on a basic level.

Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Kettle

The Hamilton Beach has a capacity of 1.2 liters, larger than other kettles on the list, making it more suitable for larger warm water batches. Its heating element is more robust than the Cosori electric gooseneck kettle, at 1,500 watts.

You can choose from 14 preset settings ranging from 150 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. It contains a keep-warm function, an auto shut-off feature, and boil-dry prevention, just like the Cosori.

Some customers observed temperature variations after utilizing the keep-warm option, which lowered this kettle’s rating for me. Furthermore, because the handle is not counterbalanced and holds a lot of water, getting a slow and steady pour with total control can be difficult.

But it is a good option if you have to prepare coffee for your family, thanks to its larger capacity.

Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Kettle

I wanted to finish my list with a series of stovetop kettles for you to choose from.

This budget-friendly option has everything you could want in a gooseneck kettle: a cool-to-the-touch grooved handle, a wide cover for simple cleaning, and, of course, the trademark curved spout. 

The item even comes with a thermometer on top of the lid, which is especially useful for coffee enthusiasts because it has a green region over the appropriate temperature range for a pour-over brew (195 to 205 degrees).

Another plus is that this kettle can carry up to 40 ounces of water, which is a bit more than typical. Although it lacks the versatility and convenience of more expensive electric kettles, this is an unmatched cooktop choice.

BonJour Tea Stainless Steel and Copper-Base Gooseneck Kettle

The majority of gooseneck kettles contain roughly 1 liter of water, but this BonJour kettle holds twice that much, containing more than 2 liters of water. It’s a great alternative for individuals who have huge pour-over coffee makers or need to prepare coffee for many people.

Although the BonJour kettle can be used on any burner, some customers have reported wear beneath the base after prolonged usage. While the spout is a significant improvement over traditional kettles, it isn’t as precise as other, thinner gooseneck types. Because of the bigger spout and stylish, over-the-top handle, the design distinguishes out among competitors.

The neck of the kettle is exactly one of the disadvantages because it doesn’t allow you to have that control that you can have with thinner necks.

Why do you need a gooseneck kettle?

Gooseneck kettles are perfect tools when you want to prepare your pour-over coffee. I want to show you three benefits of using a gooseneck kettle for your brewing.

More control on the amount of water to pour

When it comes to pour-over brewing, regular water kettles have a serious problem. They pour water in a jumbled and chaotic manner. Some are better than others, but in the end, control is lacking.

Gooseneck kettles may appear difficult to use due to their unusual spout form, however, the contrary is true. The spout was created with care to allow you maximum control over the speed and power of your pour.

You may effortlessly pour rapidly, gently, and in any exact area, you choose with a gooseneck kettle. This level of control is critical for pour-over brewing, and I cannot emphasize how important it is.

More consistency when brewing coffee

This increased control results in a significant improvement in the consistency of your coffee.

Using a standard kettle to make pour-over coffee means that the amount of water you use is never the same, it’s impossible to pour at the same rate every time, and you’ll never hit all of the coffee grounds evenly. The coffee produced as a result is unbalanced and inconsistent from day to day.

A gooseneck kettle on the opposite allows you to have more control over the amount of water and it is possible to hit all the coffee ground in the same way. This produces the same quality of coffee every time.

Better tasting coffee

This level of consistency makes your coffee taste better. To begin with, being able to uniformly pour water over the grounds makes a significant difference in flavor. It promotes balance by ensuring that all of the grounds release the same amount of flavor, eliminating sourness and bitterness caused by over- and under-extraction of some grounds.

Second, you have complete control over the overall brewing time. Pour slowly if you want to increase the brewing period, or fast if you want to minimize it. This means you can quickly alter your routine to improve the quality of your coffee.

How to choose the best gooseneck kettle

Stovetop or electric

At first glance, stovetop and electric kettle appear to have more in common than differences. Of course, both are used to make hot water and include a spout through which the water can be poured. However, there is a significant difference in the way they heat water.

The stovetop requires an external heat source to work. Most of the time, this is exactly the stovetop. Electric kettles, on the other hand, do not require external heat and require the main connection to heat boiling water.

One of the benefits of stovetop kettles is that they produce a rolling boil, allowing them to be heated and maintained at a constant temperature, which is essential when serving coffee all day.

They’re easy to take with you when you’re out in the woods because they don’t require electricity to operate.

They’re easier to clean because they don’t have any electronics or a heating element, so there aren’t any hard-to-reach places where limescale might build up.

The main disadvantage is that they miss some flexibility and the lack of temperature control settings is not ideal if you need a certain temperature to make coffee.

Electric kettles have numerous advantages, particularly for pour-over coffee makers. For this reason, gooseneck electric kettles are becoming more popular, as they allow for more precise pouring and temperature control. Boiling water is too hot for many brews, so temperature control is crucial. 

This is one of the main benefits of electric kettles, together with energy efficiency and flexibility to carry it around. It is very convenient if you travel a lot and you stay in hotels. You just need the main connection and you can make your own coffee also when you are away from home.


When choosing a gooseneck kettle, it’s important to consider the size of the kettle. Most kettles used to be around 1 liter, but today’s pour-over coffee kettles come in many forms and sizes.

Unless you’re a professional barista or an extremely uncommon customer, I’d recommend a volume of between 0.5 and 1.2 liters.

But in the end, the capacity of the kettle depends on your needs. If, for example, you have a big family, you probably need a kettle with a capacity of around 2 liters. 

But if you are only in two in the family, like my personal situation, a kettle of 1.5 liters is more than enough.


When buying a gooseneck kettle, you probably will ask yourself “how can I clean it?” and specifically “how can I clean the neck part of the kettle?”.

Talking about the electric kettles, there are a few methods to clean them. For example, you can combine water with vinegar, citrus (lemon), or even baking soda.

When you clean the inside part you could mix water and vinegar, pour it inside, boil it, and leave for 15-20 minutes for the vinegar to take effect. After this time, wash with cold water 4-5 times and boil water again. 

While pouring out the water from the neck, you also clean that part. In the end, you can let it dry with air.

Cleaning the outside part is easier, and you can use water and soap. 

Cleaning can definitely increase the durability of your gooseneck kettle but remember to avoid scrubbing the heating element of the kettle because it has a specific protective coating that can be removed by scrubbing; otherwise, you risk damaging your kettle and possibly making it unsafe to use.

Temperature settings and controls

What distinguishes electric temperature-controlled kettles from other kettles on the market is that they employ temperature control to keep the heat of the kettle so that when you boil water, it is at the desired temperature.

Temperature-controlled kettles are the most convenient to use and can provide more than you expect.

Buying a kettle with temperature control has different benefits. It can help to preserve and emphasize the quality of your coffee. Different types of coffee require a different temperature, which usually is not boiling temperature. This is in order to not burn the coffee and maintain that typical aroma of fresh coffee.

Another benefit of temperature control is to preserve the water quality. When the kettle reaches a rolling boil, the shut-off mechanisms normally take 10 to 20 seconds to activate. Enough time for the oxygen to boil away, leaving you with flat water, and flat coffee…

In the end, they will definitely make your life easier. You will save time by choosing the proper water temperature. The kettle shuts off when the programmed heat is reached, and you can use it whenever you like.

Flow rate

The flow rate is essentially the speed of the water out of the kettle when you pour it to brew your coffee. Gooseneck kettles are actually the best solution to control the flow rate because the neck of the kettle helps you in this regard. 

Most pour-over water kettles have a consistent flow rate. You should be able to precisely manage how much water is placed onto the coffee grounds.

Some goosenecks are constructed differently and have larger spouts, making flow rate regulation a little more difficult.

On the other hand, some pour-over kettles have exceptionally narrow spouts, which may result in a flow rate that is slower than desired. This is the one that I recommend to use to have the best quality of your brewing.


The handle of the kettle is used to facilitate your movement when pouring water and make sure that you don’t get burned. Some handle designs get hot, especially when using a burner to heat water. You can opt for handles made of wood or other heat-resistant materials. You also don’t want your hand to come into contact with the kettle’s exterior. Look for a kettle with a handle that protrudes from the kettle if you have larger hands.

Material and design

Rust is the enemy here, so stay away from options made of inferior metals. Because they use low-quality metals and too many plastic parts, those inexpensive unknown brand kettles you could see on Amazon for very low prices generally suffer from rapid wear and tear as well as splitting along joints. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Safety measures

One of the most critical safety precautions to remember is to never turn on an empty kettle. Running a kettle with no water in it will harm the heating element and shorten its lifespan. However, certain modern electric kettles automatically shut off the power if no water is present. This not only saves the heating element but also reduces the risk of an accident.

In the case of an electric kettle, always make sure that the cable is completely dry before plugging it into the socket.

Water level indicators are found on most, if not all, electric kettles. For safety reasons, home users should pay attention to these markings. The water-heating element, for example, will overflow and be damaged if the minimum level mark is not fulfilled. It’s also capable of exploding and causing a fire. If the maximum water level mark is exceeded, however, leakage will occur at boiling point, which is extremely dangerous. 


Why do gooseneck kettles are better for pour over coffee?

When used properly, a gooseneck kettle gives you almost full control over not only how much water is poured over the coffee grounds, but also where and when they become saturated. As a result, you’ll have a better cup of coffee with more flavor and taste.

How to get the best temperature in a gooseneck kettle?

You can carefully control the temperature of the water with a gooseneck electric kettle. Many of them can also keep that temperature for an extended amount of time. Some kettle models include a built-in thermometer, but getting the appropriate temperature requires regular monitoring.

Do gooseneck kettles whistle?

Most of the electric gooseneck kettles don’t whistle when they reach a boiling temperature. You might hear the boiling sound but in some models, it is not enough sound to make you alert. The majority of the models will stop automatically when they reach a boiling temperature.

Final verdict

Gooseneck kettles are important accessories for every coffee lover. They are perfect if you are into pour-over coffee and if you want to enjoy the best quality coffee every day.

If you have the budget to spend on a great kettle, I recommend choosing the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle. It has a modern design and great features to make sure that your coffee will be consistently good.

Giacomo is an Italian living in Shanghai since 2016. After working as a barista in Italy, he started to be more interested in the different types of coffee, beans, and the ways to prepare this ancient beverage. He founded Authority Coffee and he is currently on a mission to find the best coffee in China.