The 10 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers On The Market

best single serve coffee makers

Coffee, for many of us, is what nudges us in the right direction right at the start of the day. If coffee fails – then our morning would probably be a disaster.

That is why we think that it is so important to find the right coffee maker that speaks to you and you know that you like. And it’s no easy feat – the market is full of coffee makers, all of them using confusing terms… It can give you a real hard time.

But that’s what we’re here for: In this article, we’re gonna give you a list of the best single serve coffee makers; to help make your decision a little easier.

Our top 5 single serve coffee makers


Coffee MakerMain Features
Nespresso VertuoPlus– Moveable water tank
– Matte finish
– Affordable
Mueller Ultimate– Reliable
– Easy to use
– Removable drip tray 
Cuisinart SS10 Premium– Digital display
– Premium coffee maker
– Good price
Bunn My Cafe– Affordable
– Small, ergonomic
– Brews fast
Hamilton Beach 49981A– Brews with ground coffee
– Stainless steel finish
– Durable materials
Mr Coffee BVMC SC100– Small and compact
– Super easy to use
– Inexpensive
Keurig K55– Makes great coffee
– Best Machine
– Beautiful design
Lavazza Classy Mini– Super classy design
– Uses gourmet capsules
– Short heat-up time
Mueller Barista Pro– Professional coffee quality
– Compact
– Removable drip tray
Chulux Single serve– Failproof dial
– Comes in different colors
– Accommodates different sized cups

But more than a shortlist with each machine’s features (which is still very helpful, though, what we want to give you is a review for each machine – one that isn’t too long nor too short, that can help you see yourself using each coffee maker, without wasting too much time reading about specs and whatnot.

The 10 Best Single serve coffee makers

Nespresso VertuoPlus – A modern classic

The VertuoPlus is meant to be a sort of deluxe machine; the design is exquisite anywhere you look at it, with a sort of futuristic look, and a matte finish that really sets it apart (as many other coffee machines go for shiny, stainless steel finishes) from other machines – maybe even making other models look tacky in comparison.

The main feature of this machine is the water tank; in a clever move, Nespresso opted not to make the water tank removable or fixed in place; it sits on a base that is separated from, but still connected to, the main body of the machine. This means that it can move around at certain angles, letting you place it either at one side of the machine or the other or even right at the back. A true practical design choice.

As the name implies, the VertuoPlus works with VertuoLine coffee exclusively, being unable to accommodate any other type of capsule coffee.

25-second heat-upOnly VertuoLine coffee
Matte finish 
40oz moveable water tank 
5 different coffee sizes 


The VertuoPlus is a classy machine that is an ideal choice for people who want a classy cup of coffee – you don’t want a machine that looks retro (which is still a big trend for some reason) or a machine that makes a lot of mess and noise – The VertuoPlus looks classy, dignified, and has a great design that lets you play around with it to find the perfect spot for your coffee maker.

Mueller Ultimate – The Ultimate coffee maker for your home

Muëller’s machine is one built with the whole family in mind; not only is it super easy to use, but it’s very sturdy and would take more than a couple of bumps to put this coffee maker out of commission.

This machine uses K-cups and can make you up to four different coffees in size, from a regular 6-ounce coffee up to a tall 12-ounce cup.

This machine is made for the modern family; it’s got a sturdy, yet sleek design that would make any kitchen look automatically younger by its presence. It’s super easy to operate, having just 4 buttons in total – and it makes your coffee in under one minute.

Heats up and brews in under 1 minuteThe machine is a little too big
Easy to use 
Durable, resistant 
Makes up to 4 different coffees 
48 oz. water tank 


We recommend this machine, rather than for personal use, for use in a medium or big household, where several people need their coffee – and not all of them are gonna get involved enough with a coffee maker in order to learn how to operate it properly.

The Ultima is great in this respect; it’s easy to use -no matter your age- and has the capacity to serve coffee to several people in a row.

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium – Big house? No problem

Before we get into anything else, let’s talk about the SS-10 Premium’s water reservoir. It can hold up to 72 ounces of water – which is just enough for everyone at home to get seconds, and it comes with its very own charcoal filter, ensuring that the quality of the water used to make your morning coffee is the best that you can get. And it’s removable, so it’s easy to refill and clean whenever you need to.

Besides that, this coffee maker has a spectacular design (particularly the matte black version, check it out) and uses an LCD screen and a couple of buttons for you to operate it, choose what coffee you want, and program a couple of features, like automatic on and off functions.

It comes with a rinse button that lets you clean your machine with just one touch, running hot water through the pipes to ensure there’s no scale build up in there, and also a “hot water” button, which lets you use your coffee machine as a hot water dispenser – which comes in super handy for tea, soup, and etc.

72 oz water tankIt’s pretty heavy, hard to move around
LCD screen 
Charcoal water filter 


The SS-10 is a true juggernaut of a machine. It will not only perform well when presented with huge workloads; it will make great coffee every time. Its rinsing function, combined with the integrated water filtering system means that no matter how much time it passes, each coffee’s gonna feel like the first one you ever brewed with your Cuisinart – completely devoid of alien tastes or aromas.

Great choice all around.

Bunn My Cafe – Most powerful

Although we mainly focus on coffee makers that are designed for home use, we just needed to share this great machine with you guys.

Technically, the My Cafe is a commercial-grade machine, but everything about it seems way too attractive for light use in a home setting or, even better, for having it in a small office kind of setting.

First of all, the My Cafe coffee maker is significantly faster than other single-serve coffee makers – with an average brewing time of around 30 seconds, including heat-up time and everything. Second, you can choose the size of your coffee (or tea, or hot cocoa) from 6 ounces all the way up to 12 ounces.

So, in all respects, the My Cafe is a very powerful machine that could easily be unexploited in a small home consisting of one or two people but would really shine in big homes or small workplaces.

Brews in under 30 secondsExpensive
48oz water tank 
Makes different types of drinks 


Though it may seem a little too much for some people, there’s always a time in everyone’s life when they need such a powerful machine – whether its everyone at your office tired of your old coffee machine and chipping in to buy a new one, or whether you want a higher quality machine for yourself, the Bunn My Cafe will not disappoint you.

Hamilton Beach 49981A – A Different Breed of Coffee Machine

There’s a big, big difference with this machine that we definitely fell in love with – instead of using single-serve capsules or pods, this machine comes with a measuring spoon for 1 cup of coffee that also functions as a sort of portafilter; Simply scoop your coffee, and then insert the spoon into the machine (much like you would your coffee capsule) and your machine does the rest.

As for the machine itself, there’s not much to complain about; it’s got a beautiful stainless steel finish and it looks like it wouldn’t break easily – however, its brew time is around two and a half minutes… Something they call “fast brewing” but it’s by far the slowest machine on our list.

Still, it is a great upside to be able to use your own coffee – whether it is pre-ground or ground right there in the comfort of your own home, it gives you a lot of freedom, and that is always appreciated.

durable2.5-minute brew
Very affordable 
Use your ground coffee 
Stainless steel finish 


Let’s look at the two biggest upsides of this machine; First, it allows you to use your own coffee, which is a very valuable feature for anyone who loves the whole process of shopping for gourmet coffee and/or grinding their own coffee.

And second, it’s incredibly affordable for the kind of machine you’re getting. Honestly, we don’t know how a machine this good is so cheap. Maybe it’s some kind of mistake? Buy it before they realize it!

Mr. Coffee’s BVMC SC100 2 single-serve coffee maker – the most compact coffee maker

It’s getting to the point that coffee makers are becoming so small and compact that one has to look twice in order to realize that it’s actually a coffee maker. At a first glance, it kind of looks like a portion out of a soda machine – and that’s actually great for us.

If you want a reliable machine, Mr. Coffee’s got it but if you also need a super compact machine with a design so clever that you’ll wonder where the rest of the damn thing is only to realize it’s just that small, then you gotta check out the BVMC SC100.

Super compactNo real features apart from making a great cup of coffee
Easy to use 
Durable & reliable 


It doesn’t take a lot of thinking: This is not a machine for those who are looking for a coffee maker that’s versatile or has got a lot of features for you to experiment with – this is a machine that’s made for the ultimate minimalist, the ultimate space-conscious coffee drinker; A sleek and compact machine.

Best choice for small or cramped spaces.

Keurig K55 – The best personal coffee maker

The K55 is a machine that’s made to cater to your very specific personal needs: Instead of making a machine that comes only in a shiny finish, with the Keurig K55 you can choose between a very sophisticated black design and a classy royal red finish.

Wanting to give us the best quality of coffee possible, the Keurig K55 comes with 2 different water filters. This helps water comes out as clean as possible, which makes for a much better-tasting cup of coffee, free of all foreign smells and tastes.

It’s also designed to make a lot of coffee, with a large 48oz water tank that is ideal for making lots of coffee at once, without missing a beat.

The K55 comes with a very convenient Descaling function that will help you keep your machine in top condition for longer.

High-quality machineUses only K-pods
Easy to use 
2 water filters 
Removable drip tray 
48oz water tank 


It’s a very easy choice for anyone – if you want a small machine that looks pretty cute instead of those tacky machines that are stainless steel or an all-black finish – you can count on Keurig to give you just that.

Best choice for anyone who wants a pretty, yet efficient machine.

Lavazza Classy Mini – A small yet powerful machine

The Lavazza Classy Mini brings you single-serve Lavazza coffee; Famously around the world for making great coffee, even single-serve Lavazza coffee is processed and roasted all in Lavazza’s very own facilities over in Italy – bringing you the best coffee roasting techniques all the way to your home.

By itself, the Classy Mini looks like a very professional -classy- machine, and it could easily fit in a modern home just as it could in an office setting. It looks so nice that you’ll probably get asked about it – since it looks better than Nespresso machines (but don’t tell Nespresso about it)

Transparent water tankOnly uses Lavazza capsules
Easy to use 
Fast coffee brewing 
Classy, compact design 


Nespresso, Keurig… There’s more to life than just these two brands. And Lavazza gives you a premium alternative to other single-serve machines – but not just a machine, but gourmet coffee.

The best part about Lavazza has for a long time been coffee – and they have made a great machine just so that you could enjoy their coffee better.

This is a great choice for those who want an alternative to the other brands that dominate the market – and what’s more, a gourmet option like Lavazza coffee is.

Mueller Barista Pro – Your very own single-serve barista

If you’ve ever used a Mueller machine, you know that they always give you good coffee. This is particularly true for the Barista Pro: It has a powerful extraction system that will make sure that it properly extracts the coffee – so that it gives you a coffee shop quality in your very own home.

Beyond that, the Barista Pro takes up very little space, so it makes it super easy for anyone to add it to their home without having to move their appliances around or having to make space for this machine at all.

Takes up very little spaceNot versatile
Fast brew time 
Integrated water tank 
Easily transported from one place to another 
One-touch coffee 


If you’re someone who wants a small machine but doesn’t really want to compromise the quality of your coffee, the Hamilton Beach Barista Pro is the best choice out there for this.

It’s a small, yet very powerful machine that will never disappoint you in its coffee quality. Very recommended.

Chulux Single-serve – The easiest way to make coffee

We could say that what’s best about this machine is the fact that it’s so small and compact, or that it’s one of the most affordable machines for making single-serve coffee like this.

But, more than anything else, what we like about this machine is that it’s incredibly easy to use and intuitive. Instead of using things that could make it complicated like a touchscreen – or physical buttons that can break, wear down and look ugly, the Chulux instead opts for a very nice dial on top of it – a piece of equipment that feels like it could never break.

CheapNot good for a lot of use
Operated by dial 
Easy to use 
12 oz water tank 


Not only is this a great choice for people who are on a budget -being one of the cheapest coffee makers on our list- but this is also a very reliable coffee maker, and has almost no bad reviews – it’s definitely a brand that we’re excited to see more of.

But for now, this single-serve coffee maker is a great addition to your kitchen if you’re in need of a small coffee maker.

How to Choose the Best Single-serve Coffee Maker

To make sense of all these features and reviews -and to help you make a better decision- we’re going to let you in on a few things that we always take into account when comparing one machine to another.

The Size

Of course size matters. When you’re shopping for a single-serve coffee machine, you’re always seeking out the smallest one, because these coffee makers are made to be small and convenient.

But of course, there are some that are bigger than others – contributing factors are usually the size of the water tank, which is important if you know that you want to make a lot of coffee in one day.

The Coffee

Single-serve machines are still figuring out a lot of compatibility issues. If you get a Keurig machine (check here if you want to know what are the best Keurig coffee makers), for example, you can mostly use pods that are made by Keurig and sibling companies (of which fortunately there are a whole lot)

Then, if you’re using a Nespresso, you can only use Nespresso-style capsules, but we’ve been seeing a lot of different, new providers of capsule coffee in this style over the years, so there are now a lot of options for you to choose from.

Then, there are machines like the Lavazza Classy Mini – they can really only use their own Lavazza capsules to brew coffee. And while Lavazza coffee is super good, honestly, we really like being able to choose amongst a wide variety of different coffee – and sometimes cheaper coffee, too.


After all this reading, we hope that you’re now a little more confident in your ability to choose a good coffee maker.

The worst part about having to buy a coffee machine it probably feeling like you don’t understand anything at all about these machines and that, no matter how much you read, you’re gonna end up a bad choice when buying.

But rest assured – all of the coffee makers on this list are trustworthy, and reliable and we recommend any and all of these.

Still, take your time to take in all of the reviews on this article – read each one carefully, and be sure that there’s at least one or two machines that you are completely confident about buying – one that you’re sure is a good choice.


Marcelo is a filmmaker and passionate barista on the side. He spends his free time cooking up new and exciting recipes – and drinking too much coffee in the process.